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Pin Bags

Okay, so now you have your order, but how are you going to transport all of your trading pins safely? With a pin bag of course! Our bags feature both a carrying handle and shoulder strap for your convenience and comfort. They are approximately 9” x 12” and are made from durable and waterproof nylon. The inner pages unfold to 10” x 13”, and each bag hold up to 400 pins! These bags are available in the colors shown (Blue, Red & Black). Don’t forget to complete your order with these amazing pin bags!

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Trading Pin Bags Pricing

1-5 Bags 6-10 Bags 11-15 Bags 16+ Bags
$24.95 $21.95 $18.95 $16.95

Trading Pin Bags Shipping Prices

1-5 Bags 6-10 Bags 11-15 Bags 16-20 Bags 21-25 Bags
$14.95 $18.95 $29.95 $39.95 $47.45

Don’t forget that there are lots of options to consider when designing your pin order! We want to make sure that you have a final product that everyone admires and wants to trade you for! Glitter can be added to any color of your choosing to give your pins even more personality and dimension. Bobble head pins are always fun! With a light touch the head on the design moves from side to side. Dangler pins are popular for teams that want to display a motto, playing year, or years as champions.

Slider pins can be added to any part of your pin design! The slider itself is often a popular place to display the year(s) of the season being played. Spinner trading pins allow a part of your design to spin above the pin itself. Blinker trading pins place a blinking light in the area of your design that you choose. If the mascot is featured on the pin customers like to add the blinkers to the eyes, while others like to place them in an area of the design that they want to have stand out.

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