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Welcome to Discount-Trading Pins!

We are so happy you decided to stop by! We specialize in creating Custom Trading Pins, and guarantee that we will be able to service all of your custom pin needs! We work with teams from a variety of sports backgrounds on a daily basis, and respect and understand the importance a trading pin holds for a team.

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Custom Trading Pins are an absolute BLAST to create! We have a team of designers right here in the USA ready to help you turn your vision into a reality for your team. With so many different options available to you like glitter, dangler, slider, blinking, and more, we are sure that we will be able to help you create a vibrant and unique custom pin that your team will love!

Soft Enamel

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Photo Etched

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Offset Digital

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Here at Discount Trading Pins we offer Soft Enamel, Photo Etched, and Offset digital custom pins. Each one is unique, and the best option will be discussed with you based on your design. Soft enamel pins are imprinted and create recessed areas for your color to be deposited into. Photo etched pins are similar, but instead of your design being imprinted into the metal base it is etched, and your chosen colors will be deposited the same way as the soft enamel pins. Offset digital pins have a flat surface that your design is silkscreen printed onto.

What Do We Give You With Every Trading Pin Order?

Free Artwork & Design
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Includes up to 7 FREE Colors

Free Unlimited Artwork Revisions
100% Price Match Guarantee
10 Day Production

Free Air Shipping
No Mold Fee on any quantity order
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